June 5, 2008

FREE 6 Month Legal License key and Download for eScan Antivirus and Content Security

eScan is a complete antivirus and content security solution that is based on MWL technology. MWL or Microworld Winsoak Layer is a concept that allows for scanning internet traffic in real time and blocks the security threats at the socket layer itself, way before they enter the application layer of your system.
eScan’s advanced Antivirus, AntiSpam and Content Security solution safeguards your computer from Viruses, Worm, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Backdoors Hacking, Spam, Phishing and privacy related issues and objectionable content.
And eScan gives the fastest updating protection against new and emerging threats while it counters unknown viruses using advanced Behavioral Analysis.
To get a free legal license key for eScan Antivirus and Content security just follow the instructions given below.
This promotion is actually given to registered users of PC Advisor Magazine. However the promotion is for a little older version, but you should get regular update.If you like this just read below.To get a free legal license key just enter here and give your name and email address and submit. Now you should get new page where you can see your license key and download link to the software.
If there is any problem, just register with PC Advisor from here, it is free, and follows the instructions.

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