July 26, 2008

Avanquest Connection Manager Free License key and Download worth $29.95

Avanquest Connection Manager is an application that automates the connection and configuration of a laptop connecting to different network types and locations. It helps you get connected to the internet from any location - your office, home, coffee shop or air port and configure the settings and preferences of your laptop for this location with minimum of fuss.
When you connect for the first time from a new location, Connection Manager automatically selects the best available network. It detects your preferences for set up of printers, email, disk drives for each location, and saves them. When you come back to a location, your default printer, email accounts, security settings, your web browser, and others, are automatically configuredThe benefits of Connection Manager is that, by memorizing preferred network connection settings, including internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), email client, default printer and disk drives, laptop users can seamlessly transition from one network to the next without having to adjust settings or deal with annoying error messages.
Download Avanquest Connection Manger from here /here (10.6Mb).
To get a Free Serial number, install the application, when asking ‘Online Registration’ click on it and give your valid email address, first name and last name and submit. Your Serial number will be send to your email address with in 10 minute.
Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit.

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