July 23, 2008

Best use of your desktop with WinSplit Revolution

WinSplit revolution is especially useful for LCD monitors with high resolutions. It helps you to efficiently manage many active windows. The basic purpose of WinSplit Revolution is to provide the ability to move a window to a specific position on your screen.
The advantages of using WinSplit is that it saves you from having to drag and drop windows by allowing you to snap windows into specific tiled configurations using simple keyboard hotkeys.
The process of placing windows is simple and intuitive with WinSplit Revolution. Using the numeric keypad you can think of the layout of the keypad as a sort of mapof where the window positions will be on the screen. By hitting a combination of CTRL + ALT and the appropriate number on the keypad you can quickly send windows to specific quadrants of the screen. To move the foreground window (which is focused) to a specific location on the screen using the following shortcuts:
  • Ctrl+Alt+1 = Bottom left corner of the screen
  • Ctrl+Alt+2 = Bottom part
  • Ctrl+Alt+3 = Bottom right corner
  • Ctrl+Alt+4 = Left part
  • Ctrl+Alt+5 = Full screen
  • Ctrl+Alt+6 = Right part
  • Ctrl+Alt+7 = Upper left corner
  • Ctrl+Alt+8 = Upper part
  • Ctrl+Alt+9 = Upper right corner
  • More details-
Supports: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 & 64 bits
File size: 1.22Mb / License: Free
Download: Here / Here / Homepage

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  1. I think it might become quite useful for me.