April 18, 2007

The first age-relevant search engine

Cranky.com targets online audience in the age group of 50 and above. It is the old mans online stick. It is a search engine made especially for peoples who are pushing 50 and beyond.

The site is launched by Jeff Taylor, the founder of Monster.com, the online employment mine; this next venture also seems to be a winning innovation. It is an extension of Eons.com, a website that specializes in 50+ every thing.

Crancy.com is quite a pioneer in customizing a search engine for a specific age group. It has features that perfectly blend with the concept, like only 4-5 results per page for every search term which are displayed in big fonts and the colors are very easy on the eyes. Top 10 search of the day are also given on the home page for instant explorations. This seems to be a great solution for aging eyes who may easily get annoyed with the crowded pages of search results on Google or Yahoo.

Cranky.com has wonderfully inculcated the requirements of this age demographic from the layout of the webpage, to the available option like narrow and expands; with witch you can manipulate the result of the search.

Every single link you see on this webpage has been eased out; it has buttons for further simplification. It also gives the option of blogging for this age groups.

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