April 18, 2007

Adobe Soundbooth CS3 -A brand new application

Adobe Soundbooth CS3 is a brand new application built in the spirit of Sound Edit 16 and Cool Edit that provides the tools to video editors, designers, and others who do not specialize in audio need to accomplish their everyday work.

What is the Soundbooth CS3 beta?

Soundbooth is built for video editor, web designers and developers, motion graphic artist, and other creative professionals. It delivers tools for audio editing, cleanup, sound design, and music creation all with in a familiar Adobe interface. With a set of powerful and intuitive tools, Soundbooth enables even those with very little audio experience.

Why both Adobe Audition and Adobe Soundbooth?

While Adobe Audition is designed to give audio professionals in music, film, video, and radio a flexible audio production toolkit that can handle a broad range of audio engineering tasks, Adobe Soundbooth is focused on creative professionals without audio expertise, or those who prefer an application focused on making short work of the most common tasks they handle every day. The tools in Soundbooth CS3 remove the mystery from editing while preserving superb sound quality.

Full details available from Adobe

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