January 14, 2007

Tips and Tricks - Windows XP

1. Converting mp3 file to .wav files in Winamp:

Here is a simple method to convert mp3 file to .wav file in Winamp

1. Select preference dialogue box (CTRLl+P).Under the plug-in option select out put. Double click on ‘Nullsoft Disk writer’ plug-in. This plug-in does the conversion job.

2. Select the output directory to save the converted wav file. If we have multiple mp3 files to convert, make sure to specify a location where some larger spaces have to store as wav file much larger than mp3 files.

3. Load mp3 to convert wav. Seeking bar on the player will move from one end to other in some seconds. When it reaches the end, the wav file would be ready.

4. After conversion, make sure to set the output plug-in back to direct sound output, otherwise, Winamp continued to convert file instead of playing.

2.Shutting down Windows XP faster:

For security reasons, XP clear paging file of it’s contend whenever shutdown. Paging file is used to store temporary files and data, but when system shutdown, information stays in the file. Some people prefer to have the paging file cleared at shutdown, because sensitive information ends up in the file. However clearing the paging file can slow shutdown times significantly. So extreme security is not a high priority, you might not wand to clear it off.

To shutoff XP without clearing the page file follow the method:

Run registry editor (start-run-regedit) Go to HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE/ System/ Current controlset/ Control/ Session Manager/ Memory Management.

Change the value of ‘Clear Page File At Shutdown’ to ‘0’.Exit the registry editor and restart computer.

3.End Task Automatically In Windows Xp

Windows XP waits too long times before killing a non responsive task.To make it faster do the following option.

Go to Start-Run and type ‘regedit’ and press OK. Go to HKEY- Currentversio - Control Panel/ Desktop. Change the value of ‘Auto end task’ key to’1’. Here also change the ‘Wait to kill App Timeout’ key value to the number you want. The default value is 20000 milliseconds.

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