July 31, 2008

Free 6 month genuine License key for the new Webroot Spy Sweeper 5.5

Webroot Spy Sweeper is a comprehensive solution for protecting your privacy and your computer from online security risks, including spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted programs. The new Webroot Spy Sweeper version 5.5 is the most effective version, comes with powerful new features designed to protect against the latest spyware threats.
A spyware infection is no longer just a matter of enduring annoying pop-up ads, a changing homepage, or a slow-performing computer. Today’s spyware is far more harmful and places personal information, privacy and your identity at risk. Your PC requires an anti- spyware product that stays ahead of spyware advances and offers the best and most technically advanced protection from spyware. Features of Webroot Spy Sweeper version 5.5
  • New Inbound and Outbound Email Attachment Scanning
  • Enhanced Real-Time Threat Protection Capabilities
  • Behavioral-Based Spyware Removal
  • Advanced Root kit Protection Removes Hidden Threats In the Operating System
  • Improves Computer Health and Performance
  • Minimal Impact on Desktop Performance
  • Immediate Protection with Automatic Daily Updates
  • Compatible with Windows Vista
To get a FREE license key, enter here and give your email address and name and submit. You should receive an email including your serial number. Download the product from here (14Mb) and install it. While installing give your serial number when asking and unselected toolbar option if you don't really need it.


  1. I followed the instructions, but no luck

  2. With spy sweeper 5.5 free six month key, I found that when I clicked on "enter here to get your free key", all I got was a list of products!! nowhere to enter my email address as per instructions -what a joke!!!!!! Downloaded the program OK but the key? hahahahaha - forget it pal!!

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