February 26, 2007

Samsung memory chip improves mobile applications

Hand set manufacturers tries to keep new features in to their phones. But application performance has been a common for a long time.

Samsung electronics has developed a new memory chip called OneDram. This can significantly increase data transferring between processor and mobile applications.

The fusion memory chip (OneDram) has an access speed of 133MHz and a capacity of 512Mb.

It incorporates a dual port approach to sharply increase the time to take transfer data between processors. Data managed by the processor is housed in shared bank where the space for storing data can be adjusted accordingly. OnDram is expected to be specified in the design of hand sets, game console and other digital applications, especially those that use 3diamensional graphics. It is likely to be introduced in second half of 2007.

Samsung claims that OneDram with its faster data processing speed between the processors reduce power consumption by 30% and reduce the number of chip needed which minimize area coverage by 50%.This results a much more increase in the speed of cell phones and gaming consoles, longer battery life and slimmer hand set design.

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