April 1, 2007

Ms Dewey is smart, sexy and funny

Are you boring with ordinary search engine? Just enter her site for a cool search which has artificial intelligence and a real personality. You will see a young smart lady and presumably named Miss Dewey.

She prompts you to enter key words in the search box for search. And if you proceed slowly she gets impatient and tease you, with ‘come on, I haven’t got all day expressions’.

Ms Dewey is an interactive search assistant. She can speak on searched words in her on style. She makes random action when we are idle - taking props from behind her desk, throwing an imaginary lasso at you, and shooting you with her imaginary gun.

Ask her what you want and she rolls her eyes up look the other way and moves her fingers to her chin in deep thought while the data base is scanned. When the result arrives, she looks back at you with a smile and twinkle in her eyes. The answer is also comes in her sexually exciting voice.

Search results are also listed along side in the old fashion text format. The site is powered by Microsoft Live Search and required latest version of Adobe flash player.

Visit www.msdewey.com

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