May 16, 2007

Record streaming audio

Record songs from an internet radio or any other sources are so easy with this free program. MP3myMP3 is very useful software which allows record anything playing on your computer. The software works directly with system sound card - if you can hear it, you can record it. Save this as MP3 or Wav file.

Installation is very simple and interface is pretty nice and there is no complicated configuration. After installation open it. You can see three options –Source, Settings and Browse. From ‘Source’ you can select a source record from. Select ‘Wave out mix’ to record all sound you hear (depending on your sound card). In ‘Settings’ option, you can adjust the bit rate and quality of your MP3. These settings applied when save recording to MP3 file.

Now just play a song, example from an internet radio, open Mp3mymp3, select ‘Wave out mix’ from settings and push ‘Record’ button. Adjust recording level. (Fine tunes your recording levels so that the meter on the right just hits the bottom of the red zone at the loudest point of the audio you are recording). Click Stop when you're ready to end the recording. Click the Play button to listen to your recording. Check your Mp3 Export settings and Save your recording to a Wave file or an Mp3 file or both.

Download MP3myMP3

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