July 17, 2007

Identify color harmonies faster than with any other color wheel or chart

The Sessions.edu Color Calculator is useful for design a project and is faster than any other color wheel or color chart. Rotate shapes on the color wheel to identify harmonious color schemes. Adjust saturation and lightness. Save RGB, CMYK, or HTML color values.

To select a color scheme;

1. From the Design box select a design for your color experiment

2. Select a geometric shape to find harmonious colors on the color wheel (The Square shows complementary pairs with a set of tertiary complements. The Rectangle shows the adjacent tertiary colors of any two complementary pairs. The Triad shows a triad of color (for e.g. primary colors). The Triangle shows one complement and the two adjacent tertiary colors of the other complement). The Complement arrows show complementary pairs of color.

3. Adjust the saturation and lightness of the color scheme, if necessary.

4. Save the RGB, CMYK, or HTML color values you've selected by saving to the clipboard in the Color Box.

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