January 6, 2007

Back up all your valuable documents

There are several reasons for a massive data loss on your hard drive. The culprit could either be a hacker, a malware or it could be a failure of your storage device. To follow the “better save than sorry” principle, you need to have a better strategy in place. But backing up data manually is a weary task. Hence an automated backup utility becomes an absolute necessity.

Insofta Document Backup is an excellent data back up tool, offering abundant features. Not only dose it support local and network backup destination it also has support cd and dvd backup. After the installation a step by step wizard window appears. It guides you through the process of creating a back up item under which you can select the files or folders that you required to back up. After this you need to select the destination folder and finally you can schedule the program automated back up. To reduce the space utilized by the back up, Insofta document backup allows you to store the back up in the compressed zip format. You can also specify the compression quality from normal to fast to super fast. Incase thee compressed files in your data and you don’t want to recompress them further; you can specify them for exclusion. The compressed files can also be split, should you need to.

Insofta document backup offers full and incremental backups. The additional advantage here is that incremental backups save time. To ensure your data is backed up regularly, the scheduled run your backups automatically at specified times. There are numerous security features available such as password protection and data encryption. The software supports the AES encryption method with a key length of either 128 or 256 bits. It is ideally suitable for home or offices uses.

System requirements: Windows all, Pentium 500 or Higher, 128mb ram, 10mb free hard disk space.


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