August 1, 2007

Create a Cool Flash Gallery

DfGallery is one of the coolest Flash Galleries on the Web. It is free and has lot of great features like integration with popular photo sharing sites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket and Fotki along with background music, language selection by adjusting xml nodes in the gallery.xml file, supports custom images and RSS.

Requirements - PHP version 5+, Flash player 7+ (Full screen option Flash player 9+).

The downloadable zip file contains:-

1. gallery.swf (gallery that plays the slideshow),

2. gallery.xml (gallery configurations),

3. df folder (contains php classes that are internally used by the gallery to make calls to the Flickr, Picasa API)

4. Index.html (contains the sample html code for inserting the swf file)

Visit and download

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