September 25, 2007

Get Your YouTube Desktop

YouTube Desktop is a web based technology which is able to replace the main page of YouTube. This cool web application allows you searching, watching and downloading videos from the richest online video sharing site YouTube. It bring normal desktop application experience to the browser by supporting drag and drop, large thumbnails, standard menus and other elements.

With YouTube Desktop you can - watch multiple video at the same time, download Videos as avi, mp4 , mov, 3gp , wmv, flv, exe (built in standalone player) , create and save any video to watch later or share it with friends, share videos with friends by sending URL’s and recommending videos to friends through e-mail, and more.

Remember that, to use YouTube Desktop you required invitation from the registered member or invitation from YouTube Desktop as a beta tester. YouTube Desktop works well with latest browsers like Firefox, IE7, Opera and Safari.

For full details and invitation visit YouTube Desktop

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