October 1, 2007

Intelligent Image Resizing

  • 1.Rsizr:
  • Rsizr is a fast and good online application for image resizing. It is based on flash and lets you resize your images fastly on your computer. Currently it supports JPG, PNG and GIF images only. In addition to normal image rescaling and cropping, you can also resize images using a new image resizing algorithm called seam carving that tries to keep intact areas in your image that are richer in detail.

  • 2. Resze2mail:
  • Resize 2 mail is an online image resizing tool which is quite useful to anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a web site.Resized images can be saving on your PC and email it to friend, family, colleague or office.

  • 3. Picrease:
  • Picrease is also a free online picture resizer that allows you to resize or crops your images online for free. You can also add some special effects to your images and can be saving in to JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

  • 4. Mypictr:
  • Here is another one, Mypictr, which is quite simple and option to resizing images for different sources like blogger.

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