October 29, 2007

Search Engine Spider Simulators for Search Engine optimization

A web site’s or blog’s popularity depends mostly on search engine optimization (SEO). Because, many studies shows that majority of the web users are search-dominant. They come to the site through the links listed by the search engines as a result of their query.

Spiders / Robots / crawlers, are used by search engines like Google or Yahoo to crawl the Internet and stores information like titles, keywords and descriptions found in Meta tags, web page content, images, external links etc. Basically all your pages should be visible to crawlers, or they will not be listed.

In a web page, there are many contents and Links displayed may not actually be visible to the Search Engines Spiders. For example, Flash based content, content generated through JavaScript, content displayed as images etc. So it is very important to take extra care while adding Meta tags, title or content of a web page.

Search Engine robot is a software application designed to visit websites to index their content. It differs from human visitors and it is possible that some of your pages will not be found. So you should evaluate your web site by performing a crawling action with a search engine spider simulator.

There are many free online Search engine Spider Simulators and simulator software are available. (Just search with the key word ‘Search engine Spider Simulator’ to find)

Search engine Spider Simulators checks if your site can be crawled by search engines. It will give you an idea how search engine see your page, and give you additional comments and suggestions in case it found a problem related to the crawling of your site. And also show how your site will be displayed in search engines listings.

I would suggest that you should check with different simulators to find a good result. It was found that some online simulators have selection for different Spiders (Yahoo, Google, and MSN) that is a better choice.


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