November 30, 2007

Create your own loader icon and add to your blog

Image loader is useful in many application and website. For example to load a big image on web site take some times, especially in a dial-up connection, there you can add this to show the image is loading.

If you like to add such an image loader on your blog, here is a simple solution. Go to Ajaxload where you can select different types of image loader and download it. You are allowed to select any color from the color picker for your image loader that matches you.

The process is simple - Select the type of indicator you want - Enter the background color you want (Tick "Transparent background" if you do not want one) - Enter the foreground color you want then press "Generate it” and download it.

To add in blogger (classic/xml), just upload the loader image, for example, to Google Pages and add the following code on your style sheet (css).

img {background: transparent url ( no-repeat center; }
source - blogandweb

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