December 7, 2007

Find out which area of your blog or web site are getting most of the attention

If you have an idea about how your blog or website is looking by a reader and the area where the visitor attract more have great help when you adding important things like advertisements and also helps to make your web design further.

Feng-GUI is an interesting online tool which makes ‘heat map’ of your blog or site from Dark blue through Green to Red describing the temperature heat of the image heated by human eyes. This is also applicable for photographs.

The heat map helps you to identify which areas of your page or image (in case of photographs) gets most of the attention, which area is being ignored and highest points of attention.

It is an artificial intelligence service which simulates human visual attention and creates an attention heat map. The service is based upon neuro-science studies of visual Attention, ‘Perception and Cognition of humans’, that is ‘what people are looking at’

More information at Feng-GUI

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  1. Interesting tool. Thanks for giving like this information