January 25, 2008

Create pure CSS based menu with QuickMenu

QuickMenu is a browser based application for generating fast and feature rich drop down menus- horizontal or vertical. There is not that much technical skill required to building a menu with this application. An extensive in-page visual interface produces pure CSS list based menus quickly and this application is capable of functioning in browsers with their JavaScript disabled. Many menus styles available for editing; just select and edit what you want and copy the CSS code to your style sheet and HTML code to HTML section of your template.

QuickMenu supports almost all browsers and you can download it for off line editing in your browser and is compatible with all Operating systems.

Following are some of the main features of QuickMenu

  • Pure CSS Based DIV / A structure (less nested and faster running)
  • Animated Follow Arrows (Visually shows users location)
  • Image less CSS Based Bulletsand Arrows
  • Image less Rounded Corners
  • Tree Based or Drop Down Style Menus in the Same Code
  • WYSIWYG Visual Web Based Interface
  • Design From Your Pages Concept
  • Tab Dividers (Image or Imageless)
  • Parent, Active, and Hover Customization
  • No Script Support From A Full Visual Interface
  • Pure CSS Foundation From a True Visual Tool
  • Inherit SEO Support From a WYSIWYG Visual Interface
  • Unique Zoom, Gap, and Merge Animations, all Cross Browser
  • Visual Design Centered Around Your Actual Menu vs. a Preview
  • Interchangeable Text Based or Visual Design Without Compromise
  • Simplified In Page Supporting File References
  • Filtered Style Access for Fast Customization
  • Match Width Subs to Mains
  • Item Enhancer for Mains and Subs
  • True Scalability Support With All Features

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