January 13, 2008

Enhance your blog post with Yahoo! Short cuts

The Yahoo! Shortcuts is a plug-in for Wordpress blog which makes it easy for your readers to see interesting related content in the context of your post.

As you compose your blog post, the Shortcuts plug-in looks for content related to what you are writing about. A Shortcut may lead your reader to a finance quote for a public company, a map of a point of interest, a Flickr image, or information about specific companies, products, and people.

When it finds relevant content, it lets you know. Shortcuts can appear in your post in different forms. You can have it appear as a link with a preview on hover, or embed it directly into the post as you would with an image and it works best with English language blog posts.

--Official site


  1. Yahoo! ShortCuts Plug-In just ruined two of my posts, it deletes them as i clicked on Shortcuts found button :(. I uninstall it allready.

  2. Thanks Shuron for the information provided. However I couldn’t try it because I am not running a Wordpress blog.