January 12, 2008

Mebroot – a new virus for Windows

The security experts are warning of a new virus- Mebroot that affects Windows operating systems. The virus is specially designed to steal banking information from users. The importance of this virus is, it use a hidden position in the master boot record of the hard disk to avoid being detected by antivirus.

Quoting from BBC News “It seems that in the past month more than 5000 users have been affected by this infection, the majority of whom are in Europe… hackers used traps in certain sites which install a malicious code in the operating systems…These are accommodated in the Master Boot Record (MBR) hard drive to avoid being detected by antivirus.”

The virus has been named as Mebroot by the security firm Symantec, and the analysis of Mebroot indicate that, it use a hidden position in the MBR (Master Boot Record of the hard disks), in this way it can reinstall its entire arsenal of malicious software.

This virus affects Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000.

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