February 1, 2008

AOL Active Security Monitor - keeping our system free from spyware and viruses

There are many solutions to keep our system free form viruses, spyware, identify theft, etc and we are all using some of them. But how can we measure how well our security tool is working or protect our system?

AOL Active Security Monitor is a quick and easy way to know if we are truly protected from computer viruses, spyware, identify theft, network intrusions, and other serious security threats.

AOL Active Security Monitor is a free tool that continuously monitors our computer and gives a consolidated view of our PC and home-network security. A security score is determined by evaluating the status of the major components required to keep the PC and home network safe, including: Antivirus software, Antispyware software, Firewall, Wireless Security, Operating System, and Browser.

For each vulnerability discovered, AOL Active Security Monitor provides with quick fixes and recommendations to keep safe.


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