February 25, 2008

Control bandwidth of your Internet connection

Here is a simple, free tool, Bitmeter2 that allows us to control bandwidth usage of internet connection. It allows visually monitoring internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and downloading speed over time.
The different colors on the graph represent your upload and download speeds, the display updates every second, and the current speeds are also displayed numerically in the lower part of the window.
You can also view your old usage data, data used last few hours, days or weeks, from the Statistics window
And, if your ISP restricts certain limit for downloading each month, the ISP Restrictions screen would be useful, just enter details of your monthly quota, and BitMeter will warn you when you approach your limit.
The application is compatible with all versions of Windows and Microsoft needs to be installed. NET frame work 1.1.
More details and downlod

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