February 14, 2008

Free e-book to Customize your Blogger templates

The Cheats’ Guide to Blogger Template Design is a free e-Book which helps you create a new look for your blogger blog. This e-Book will offer you many options and examples to customize your existing Blogger template quickly and easily.

Divided in to 5 chapters, this e-Book will help you understand the basic techniques of blogger template design, from configuring background images to creating a custom header, using clickable buttons and much more!

Each chapter in this e-book covers different aspects of Blogger template. Following are some of the features of this e-Book.

  • New examples of template customizations
  • An entire chapter about customizing stretch (fluid) templates
  • How to use buttons, banners and images
  • Many useful resources for template customization
  • An optional download folder containing all of the templates and images used in the e-Book

>>Download the e-Book
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