February 16, 2008

Wordpress style comment system for Blogger

We know that in blogger /blogspot, readers need to click on a new page or new popup window to leave a comment on our post. The worst thing about it is that, sometime this just makes the reader too lazy to leave a comment, even they want to.

There are some methods to replace this type of comment system. Jackbook.com introduced a hack for it. But, required some knowledge about template and html coding are to do it successfully. Another one is Haloscan, but limited features.

The Intensedbate commenting system is one of the best among others which have more control over comments with a social flare. It is really easy to do, just download your full template and upload to IntenseDebate, they do the necessary changes, then you can copy paste your template (expand widget before copy paste) A comment widget is also available.

I think there is no need of much explanation required, just visit the site and follow the instruction. Features here…

>>The only thing I dislike with this is that it can’t work on browsers with JavaScript disabled.

>>See a live demo site here

[Via – Makeuseof]


  1. Hi!

    Check out JS-Kit Comments and blog Ratings, too. They have a ton of features and are easy to install and customize.



  2. Thanks Khris for this info. I tested it months back. The problem with this kind of comment system is that,we can reuse our old blogger comment system only at the cost of previous comments.