February 3, 2008

Handle your mouse by the movement of your head

HeadMouse2 is an interesting application for Windows that turns our head in to a mouse. By using a webcam, it is possible to control the mouse through the movement of our head. This is a project from the University Lerida to provide physically interacting with computers.

As said, this application work with a webcam that supports 640x480 resolutions and the developer recommend using Logitech Quick Cam Pro 5000, Creative Live Ultra or Microsoft Live VX-6000 webcams for... best performance

However the software required little heavy calibration process, that is, you have to detect the head, which does not always get to the first change, then recognize gestures to click, close your eyes, open your mouth, lifting eyebrows, and so on.

Full configuration details are available with the software and also from the developer’s homepage.


Supports Windows XP/ Vista, License: Free. File size: 1Mb.


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