February 1, 2008

How to open Office 2007 files in Office 2003 and Open Office

Microsoft has developed an all new file formats for its 2007 Office program in order to satisfy corporate customers, improve interoperability with different programs and transport data. The new ‘.docx’ file has more security over its previous .doc format.

However, the problem is that, most of us are still using old Microsoft Office and Open Office and is difficult to read files saved in .docx file format. To solve this problem Microsoft has released compatibility pack for its Office 97 – 2003 users that allows opening and reading file saved as .docx format.

Here is some software and online solution to read Office 2007 files in Office 97-2003 and Open Office.

Microsoft Compatibility Pack - Microsoft has introduced a compatibility pack which will concert the new .docx format in to a compatible format and let you read documents in Office 97 – 2003.

Download it from here.

Open Office - To read and edit .docx file in Open Office you can use Open XML/ODF Translator.
Download it from here

Online Solution - If you want an online solution to convert and read .docx file format, visit Docx converter

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