February 8, 2008

Online virtual multilingual keyboard

The main purpose of this online virtual on screen multilingual keyboard is to let everyone- usually travelers/tourists or anyone in front of a foreign computer- to write, type or search the internet in their own language.

And also the possibility to change the keyboard language at internet places around the world may not always possible. These places usually allow you to view sites in your language due to IE language encoding, but don't allow you to type in your language (because of administrator or system limitations).

Furthermore, even if you can change the language, you'll probably find yourself in front of a keyboard with a different language layout, and you'll have to guess the position of the keys.

However, this online virtual keyboard solves those problems by allowing you to type in your language, and to view your language's keyboard layout on-screen in a virtual Semi-Real keyboard. It also allows you to simply type in a different language without messing with the operating system settings.


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