February 26, 2008

Webshare, file explorer in AJAX and PHP for your FTP server

WebShare is a web2.0 open source project written in Ajax/PHP, designed to handle files and folders hosted on a distant FTP server through web-based interface.With a simple browser, you can view, copy, edit or save your Web documents as easily as they were on your own computer. But especially, you can access and share it from anywhere. The administrator can create many accounts or share points with precise restrictions and keep control on all the users and documents.
This is a very comprehensive tool, some of the features that have are:

  • Different views of files, either by list, thumbnails, details, etc.
  • Editing HTML and TXT files from the same browser interface.
  • Navigation advanced image galleries, either print or slide.
  • Playing MP3 files from the same interface.
  • Access to the server in a public or authentication.
  • Basic functions of a scanner, create, delete, move, copy files and directories.


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