March 10, 2008

Get free one year license key for Norton AntiBot and Protect your PC from being hijacked

Norton anti bot provides you with instant and constant threat protection by automatically detecting and removing bots Spyware Adware and other forms of malicious software without scanning your PC. With Norton Anti bot Malware threats are completely removed from your PC and prevented from reinstalling themselves, making it safe for you connect to the internet.Following are the features of Norton Anti bot
  • Actively monitors your PC 24x7
  • Real-time protection against Web robot (bot) attacks
  • Blocks bots from hijacking of your PC
  • Stops identity theft by bots
  • Blocks bot nets
  • Detects unusual behavior on your PC and eliminates threat
  • Detects malicious software at the deepest levels of your system
  • Adds extra layer of threat protection
  • Works with other security software
  • Has minimal impact on PC performance
Norton AntiBot cost around $30 for a year license. To get a free license key for one year follow the steps below
  • Go to this page and enter your email address. You will receive an email which includes the key to activate Norton Antibot.
  • Download Norton Anti bot and install it from here.
  • Run Norton Antibot after installing, press the “Enter Product Key” button and enter the serial number that you got from the email. You must have an active internet connection.
That’s all, now you’ll see that your Norton AntiBot has a subscription of 366 days[Actually Symantec giving out this free Norton AntiBot serial key to those who bought the German ComputerBILD magazine, but you can also use it]via

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