March 27, 2008

Zoundry Raven - Multi platform desktop blogging client

Zoundry Raven is a WYSIWYG desktop blog editor that makes posting to your blogs easier and faster. This free application supports multiple blog platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Movable Type & TypePad, and Windows Live Spaces. It is as easy to use as a word processor, plus tools to add links, tags, photos, music and video files, and more.Following are some of the features of this application:
1. Tabbed WYSIWYG writing and XHTML source editing. Drag and drop images, video, and text from the Web. Unicode (UTF-8) support. Preview posts in your blog's template.
2. Spell checking in different languages, search functions and replacement
3. Ability to configure multiple accounts Connection blogs and publishing multiple simultaneously. It also supports the publication in draft mode and publication delayed.
4. Built-in indexer allows you to see posts by blogs, links, tags, and images. View tag cloud and browse to posts containing specific tags. View posts independently of where they were published.
5. Ability to define multiple repositories of files to upload images, documents, etc.. This not only includes FTP connections, but services like Picasa Image Shack, etc..(source)

License: Free / File size:9.9Mb / DOWNLOAD

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