April 7, 2008

Google Analytics Manager

Google Analytics Manager is complete site metrics package, that measures and tracks site activity and provides easy-to-understand metrics on site performance and how visitors interact with your site pages, and best of all its FREE for all sites.It will add Google's tracking code to every page of each site in no time. With this small tool you can track and update the web pages instantly.
Following are some key features:
  • Ideal for the busy developer, SEO or on-line business owner, Pluginlab's Google Analytics Manager gets your sites hooked up faster.
  • This simple tool efficiently adds Google's tracking code to each page of each site with just a couple of clicks. No hand coding required to add the tracking code to each site.
  • Google Analytics Manager tracks each Google code number for each site under your management.
  • Simply paste the Google tracking code into Pluginlab's Analytics Manager and update every page of every site in just seconds.
    • Windows all,
      Macromedia Extensions Manager 1.6,
      Macromedia CS3, 8, MX 2004, or MX 6,

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