May 18, 2008

Download Free ESET SysInspector

ESET SysInspector is an application for Windows that thoroughly inspects your computer for issues and deliver informations like installed drivers and applications, network connections or important registry entries which helps you to investigate suspicious system behavior be it due to software or hardware incompatibility or malware infection.You can save a detailed log that can be used in future to compare two existing logs, old and new. This is useful, if you want to keep track of changes in the system – you may for example detect the activity of malicious code.
No Installation is required, just run SysInspector.exe and wait while the application inspects your system which could take up to several minutes depending on your hardware and data to be gathered (Takes only one minute for me).
Key Features:
  • Ability to generate and save a detailed log to be used by an IT expert or uploaded to an online forum for diagnosis
  • Option to exclude private, personal information from being saved in logs
  • Integrated Anti-Stealth technology allows discovering hidden objects (e.g. rootkits) in MBR, registry entries, drivers, services and processes
  • Ability to compare two existing logs for differences makes it easy to detect changes over time
  • Log entries are assigned a color code risk level for easy filtering
  • Intuitive hierarchical navigation of logs
  • Fast and compact single file executable, ideal for first responders to run from a USB drive without lengthy installation
System Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Server (32bit / 64bit)
File size: 3.68Mb
Download : 32bit / 64bit / Details

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