May 27, 2008

FREE 3 Month Legal License for the new O&O DiskImage

With O&O DiskImage you can image an entire system just as easily as you can create incremental images. The imaged data can be compressed and encrypted during the process. Splitting an image onto different storage media can either be individually set or carried out automatically
If you required only particular files or directories from an image, it is not necessary to restore the whole image. Images can be mounted as drives with O&O DiskImage enabling direct access to individual files or directories.
Regardless of whether it is a Virus, Malware or misuse, the threats to your data are varied. With your 3 month license for the new O&O DiskImage you can immediately benefit from significant security through a backup of your data. And all this at absolutely no cost! If you have saved important data, then you should regularly back it up - weekly or monthly at the very least.
So you're interested in O&O DiskImage? Then you clearly understand that making a copy of your stored data is the single most important precaution you can take to protect your computer.
O&O DiskImage professional edition costs US$44.95.
To get a 3 month legal license just enter here and provide your details such as email, name, etc and submit the form.

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