May 28, 2008

FREE Legal License key and Download for the new Steganos password manager

Some months back we posted an article on FREE Legal License key for Steganos security suite. Here is another offer from a magazine for it's another security product - Steganos Password manger which offers a full FREE commercial license.
It is not recommend using a single password and user name for all of your accounts log-in as it is very easy to crack. Everyone who knows your password can close deals in your name, purchase goods by auction, buys online, read your e-mails, visit Internet forums under your nickname.
As time goes by, you need more and more passwords and are very difficult to remember every password; here comes the importance of a good password manager.
Features of Steganos Password Manager
• All your passwords in one encrypted list – just remember one password
• Create highly secure passwords in a jiffy – with the password generator
• Uncrackable encryption with 256 Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Algorithm)
• Make it mobile: use the Password Manager on your Pocket PC
• Automatic entry of user name and password in websites – it can’t get more comfy
• Save important additional information about your access sites in the Password Manager
• Access your chosen website directly from the Password Manager
• Sort your passwords in your own categories and find the password you need in a second
Steganos Password Manager 2007 costs $19.95. Follow the instructions below to get a free license key.Enter this page and give your email address and click on the submit button. With in 10 minute you’d receive an email with your serial key.
Download the application from here / here. After installation enter your serial number to unlock the application.
File size- 14mb / Supports Windows XP / Vista