May 8, 2008

View and delete Index.dat files from your Computer

Index.dat files are hidden files that contain the information of all web sites that you have ever visited - every URL, and web page details, emails sent and received through Outlook, etc are listed there. Actually these files are useful as it used to cache visited web sites to help speed up the web page loading time at the same time they are dangerous privacy threat. Any one with little knowledge about its locations and structure can see history of almost all of your computer activities. Normally you can not delete these files manually.Index.dat Suite is a simple, free application for Windows that allows you not only to delete the index.dat files, temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and history, but it also allows you to view the index.dat files on your system. >
Index.dat Suite's current features include;
  • View, delete and backup index.dat files
  • View and delete Temporary Internet Files (TIF)
  • View and delete Cookies
  • View and delete History
  • View and delete Temp files
  • View and delete Recent Documents
  • Delete Typed URL's
  • Delete Prefetch folder contents
  • Auto-generation of batch file to assist in deleting the index.dat files in DOS.
  • Optional add to RunOnce, Run or WinLogon registry key
  • Optional deletion of swap file (9x users only)
  • Optional defrag after file deletion
  • Optional backup/deletion of NTUser.dat.log file (2K/XP/Server 2003 users only)
  • Optional System Restore point creation
  • Full application logging
How to use it?
Requirements: Visual Basic 6 Runtime files
License: Free / File size: 2.65Mb / Download: here / here

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