June 26, 2008

Ear Test / Hearing Test

The Ear Test / Hearing Test program is designed to give you a quick test of your ear's capabilities to hear all frequencies of the audible spectrum, separately for each ear. You can measure with good accuracy up to which frequency you can hear and compare your result with those of your friends and family. The test result is drawn as a graphical chart.The upper frequency limit of the human ears is strongly dependent on a person's age. A child can usually hear frequencies of up to 20,000 Hz (oscillations per second), while for an old person it can be as low as 5,000 Hz and even lower. For a middle-aged person (40 years), a frequency of 14,000 Hz is an average value.
Some people can have gaps in their hearing spectrum, due to inner ear injuries - this can also be checked.
Due to the lack of calibration, this program cannot replace a medical hearing test. Please be careful when using it with headphones.
>>License: Free / File size: 249Kb
>>Requirements: Microsoft .Net 2
>>Download / Home page

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