June 28, 2008

Laptop Alarm 2.0 – Download and Protect your Laptop

Laptop Alarm 2.0 beta is a free and small utility with which you can protect your laptop. For example, if you're in a cafe or at the office and have to go to the bathroom an instant, if someone tries to move or steal your laptop, it will emit a loud alarm.
    Laptop Alarm 2.0 will emit a loud alarm on:
    1. Disconnecting A/C Power
    2. Disconnecting USB Mouse
    3. Mouse Movement
    4. Shutdown / Suspend your Laptop
Thus, with Laptop Alarm 2.0 beta may not allow even touch your laptop or move your site, without sounding the alarm. The new version eliminates the possibility of lowering the volume or leaves your laptop in mute, so that the alarm will always be audible. (Visualbeta)
File size: 350Kb / License: Free