June 9, 2008

Mango – Software to convert Web applications into Desktop application

Mango is an interesting application that can be used to convert any web application or simply any website, for example Gmail, YouTube or my blog Techtrends, in to an executable desktop application.
We can run these application or web site from our desktop; neither had we required a browser or even Mango.Interesting thing is that, you can convert your favorite sites into an exe file, carry them on your pen drive and access them from any computer with an internet connection.
You can also add your own icons or a splash screen to the file and even create customizable menus.However the application lacks some basic features. For instance, there is no back button or address bar. If you click on a page there is no way of returning back to the previous page unless there is a link on the site like Home or previous etc. [source]
To run this software .net framework 2 installed on your computer.
File size: 500Kb /License: Free/ Download / Home page

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