June 2, 2008

Ultimate Defrag – FREE fully functional Public domain edition for download

Fragmentation of your computer’s hard drive is a natural phenomenon that occurs when deleted files leave empty spaces amongst your drive’s data. When you need to write another file or installing software, Operating system generally looks for the first available free space and if the data to be written does not fit in that free space, it will fill that space and move to another free space to write. The result is very poor performance of your computer as the OS required to collect data from here and there. The more fragments a file has the longer it takes to load that file.Windows operating system have already a built in defragmenter, but have limited functionality.
Ultimate Defrag is revolutionary defrag software that not only lets you defrag, but also considers a more important phenomenon, and that is, the placement of files and folders on your hard drive. With Ultimate Defrag you can place the files you want the best performance from onto the faster areas of your hard drive and also get all of your unused data right out of the way and repositioned onto the slower areas of your hard drive in order to make way for the data that you want to place in the “hot” sections of your hard drive where performance is greatest.[source]
Download: Here / Here
System requirements: Windows XP /Vista.
License: Free / File size 2.2Mb

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