July 24, 2008

Download Free e-book from Microsoft

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a programming model that introduces queries as a first-class concept into any Microsoft .NET language. The goal of this printable book is to give you a comprehensive overview of this new and powerful technology by using clear and real examples that help you to discover the capabilities of LINQ. To start playing with LINQ, you need the new version of Microsoft Visual Studio code named “Orcas.”
This book is divided into 6 chapters and one complementary appendix.
Chapter 1- “LINQ Introduction,” is a brief overview of the product features and highlights, written to give you a preview of the technology from a 10,000-foot perspective. If you are not a developer or if you are not yet deeply interested in LINQ details, read this chapter to learn what LINQ is and what you can do with it, temporarily ignoring detailed “how to” instructions and best practices.If you want to go deeper into LINQ architecture, syntax, and implementations, read Chapter 4, “LINQ Syntax Fundamentals.” Chapter 5, “LINQ to ADO.NET,” is the chapter you should read if you are interested in querying relational data. And read Chapter 6, “LINQ to XML,” if you need to deal with angle brackets Get access to the entire contents of the print book, Introducing Microsoft Linq, as well as additional chapters from the other two titles when you sign up for the download.
To download the E-book Use Internet Explorer, other browser may not work properly and Windows Live id is required . (source)
Download the e-book from here

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