July 1, 2008

Endeavors Offers FREE Desktop Virtualization and Streaming Application

Application Jukebox is Endeavors Technology’s patented application streaming and virtualization technology. Now they offer Application Jukebox Lite, a FREE, fully functional version of Application Jukebox, but are limited to use on a single server.
Application Jukebox Lite allows administrators to publish and stream their own Windows-based applications or choose from a selection of already published applications to stream on-demand.
The Application Jukebox family of products contains three key components. Application Jukebox Player sits on the client to create the virtual application environment and provides user authentication and application license enforcement. Application Jukebox Server controls and delivers applications, provides usage monitoring and logging, plus group, user and application level administration.
Application Jukebox Studio allows ISVs and IT administrators to create a streamable, virtualized “appset” from standard, Windows-based applications that is then published to the server.
Application Jukebox Lite is available at the TryItNow site, which also includes streamable applications, community forums, FAQs and other information to get you started. (source)

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