July 25, 2008

Free 6 month Registration key and Download for Agilent Technologies Network Analysis Software

Agilent Technologies Network Analysis Software gives Powerful LAN Troubleshooting at your Laptop or Desktop. You don't have to be a troubleshooting or protocol expert! With this FREE network analysis software you can turn your PC into a network tester that solves even the most complex problems on your network.
The Network Analyzer software is a protocol analysis tool used to monitor network performance, capture and decode network traffic, and gather statistical data such as utilization, error activity, protocol and traffic distributions, and other important network information.
  • Quickly determine who is on your network, who is using bandwidth, where errors may be occurring on the network
  • Identify problems - before they become serious issues that impact productivity and performance
  • Use expert analysis tools to solve network problems quickly and effectively by reducing thousands of IP and Novell frames into a handful of significant events
  • Capture and analyze network traffic in real-time using your PCs local NDIS adapter
  • Analyze data offline at your convenience and quickly pinpoint problems on your network
To get a free 6month license key just enter here / here and provide your valid email address and postal /Zip code and click next. On the next page provide your necessary details and select ‘Network analyzer standard edition’ from the drop down menu and submit. On the next page you should see the download link to the software and you should get a registration key and installation details on your email.

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