July 4, 2008

I8kfanGUI - Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision fan control utility

I8kfanGUI is a graphical Windows application which shows you the internal temperatures and allows controlling the fan operation on the Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision notebook series. It's running under Windows 2000 and above operating system versions (Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista).
The software has the following features –
Automatic temperature control – Automatically regulate the fans speed depending on the sensor temperatures. Basically, it allows you to define fan speeds which are to be used when the temperature of one or more sensor falls within four different temperature ranges.
Manual fan control - This section allows you to set the speed of up to two fans. You can set the speeds for both fans at the same time by enabling the check boxes for both fans.
Current system state - Here you can watch the current status of the sensors in your notebook. The values shown here correspond to the sensors that I8kfanGUI found on your system. You can enable and disable the sensor readings on the options window.
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  1. umm i have been scouring the net for i9kfangui and have just not been able to locate it (everyone points to mckenziedev.com which doesn't exist).. does anyone at all know where it can be downloaded?

    if u do then please email me at : ajit_suresh_at_hotmail.com i would really REALLY appreciate it