July 13, 2008

Two Commercial Office suite for free

1. Softmaker Office Suite 2006 is a Microsoft Word-compatible word processor and is compatible with Microsoft Office 2003 and Word 6.0. This application has a TextMaker and a PlanMaker.Features of Softmaker Office Suite 2006 - Reads and writes all Microsoft Word 6.0 to Word 2003 seamlessly; create tables, drawings, pictures, AutoShapes, WordArt and also a true outliner.
This application can also reads and writes all Microsoft Excel files, has more than 320 calculation functions, design worksheets with colors, objects, fonts, borders, WordArt, AutoShapes etc, built-in Excel-compatible charting, conditional formatting, syntax highlighting, goal seeker, sheet and workbook protection are also included.
Softmaker Office Suite 2006 is a lighter version than Open Office. This simple office suite requires little space, only 24Mb to download and requires less memory.
System requirements: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
2. Kingsoft Office 2007 is a Microsoft Office compatible suite of applications. It comprises of Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation, all of which have a close resemblance to the familiar layout and functionality of Microsoft Office we all are used to. Its small size (44Mb) and use of resources make it easy to download and install, plus, it is green software meaning it is completely removed if you just wish to try it out.
It contains all the functions we have come to love of our Office software as well as features that will redesign your office with zest.
Download - Softmaker Office Suite 2006
- Kingsoft Office 2007

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  1. Thanks for the information about these two office suite all are new to me.