August 16, 2008

eMailaya –Email previewer, client and notifier

eMailaya is a portable email client (no installation required) and have many advanced features. It lets you handle multiple email accounts easily and can be password protectedFeatures includes: Tabbed emailing, DiskOnKey support, View email in Text/HTML mode, SSL, IMAP support, RSS and RSS2Email, RBL/DNSBL and Wildcard spam detector, etc.
Other Features:
Backup files: eMailaya transforms your mailboxes into a backup storage
Preview emails: Preview your email before downloading them locally
Simple ISP switching: With eMailaya you won't need to ask for your mail servers information
MailDrive: eMailaya transforms your mailboxes into an additional drive in your computer
Individual account checking: With eMailaya you can define different checking interval for each account
Wildcard spam detection: Spam detection can be improved by creating a blacklist of addresses and wildcard subjects
Multilingual: eMailaya can speak in your language and the application is completely free
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