August 4, 2008

ParetoLogic PGsurfer – Free Premium Online Security

Internet content is uncensored - there are no filters, no controls, and no limits to what someone can see, hear, or read. ParetoLogic PGsurfer was designed to provide an advanced set of tools including filters, permissions, and safe limits for Internet users (such as children) who share online access in your home.
ParetoLogic PGsurfer is a content-control solution that puts you in control of questionable or objectionable online material.
With PGsurfer you can block or restrict the following:
  • The amount of Internet access time for any user
  • Website content such as adult or sexually oriented sites, sites engaged in illegal activities or displaying hate or intolerance, gambling, and other indiscreet material.
  • Chat rooms, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, email applications; online activities that can potentially put your child at risk of online predators and breach of privacy and security.
  • The downloading of files including music, games, videos and other software that may contain viruses and spyware.
Installation is just like any exe programs. While installing you will be asking to register the product (required internet connection). Just do that and continue the installation. Settings and other details are available in the help file.
Supports: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
License: Free / File size: 9.25Mb

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