August 18, 2008

Runscanner - Windows startup and hijack analyzer

RunScanner is a tiny system utility for Windows which scan your computer for all running programs, auto start locations, drivers, services and hijack points. This application can be use to detect any changes and configurations errors in your system caused by spy ware, viruses attack or human errors.Features of Runscanner: 100+ start/hijack locations, Powerful process killer, Save to text log file, Powerful file filtering, History backup / restore, Analysis of file certificates, Bit9 File Advisor MD5 lookup , Castle Cops MD5 lookup, Upload file to Virus Total for analysis, Runscanner MD5 lookup, Regedit jump, Online malware analysis, etc.
Runscanner is freeware and no installation is required. Just download (1.7Mb) and run the application. Select ‘Beginners’ mode or ‘Expert’ mode for analysis.
Beginner’s mode is for novice users that want to do a scan and upload their results to a malware specialist forum. Expert mode is for advanced users, all startup tweaks, scanning, reporting, filtering and delete features are available in this mode.

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