April 18, 2009

Get a free copy of Paragon Drive Back up 9

There are numerous applications for data security and preservation and one such application is from the Paragon stable which is known to developing some splendid disk utilities. Back up utilities for hard disks has become a delicacy with their functionalities. It holds true for the Paragon Drive Back up 9 Personal Edition. It protects your entire PC, undo software malfunctions or crashes, and safeguard your data. The feature-rich software easily restores your system whenever disaster strikes, and optimizes storage utilization to keep your system running at top speed.

1. Backup an entire hard disk or separate partitions - primary, extended or logical
2. Backup the first track of a hard disk , MBRs, individual files and folders
3. Backup different combinations of disks and partitions to one archive
4. Schedule backup operations - Set and forget!
5. Save backup images to local drives, Backup Capsules, networks, external USB or Firewire Devices
6. Burn a backup archive to CD/DVD/BDs or write them to ISO-image files to burn later
7. Compress backup images
8. Set archive names and add comments
9. Interrupt backup operations if necessary
10. Supports USB 2.0 hard drives

If you like to get a free copy of Paragon Drive Back up 9 Personal Edition, just enter here or here and give your personal details like name and valid email address, etc. Download the Paragon Drive Back up 9 Personal Edition from here and install and activate it.


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