July 22, 2009

Load Windows fast with Ashampoo Startup Tuner (Get it for free)

Windows does not load as fast as it was earlier. It’s a common headache that many computer users face, especially after installing a bunch of applications. It is even more annoying if the PC is entry level.

When Windows starts up a dozen programs like antivirus, IM, download manager, etc demands system resources simultaneously. If you will take a smart decision; that is leaving necessary programs like antivirus and deleting or disabling unnecessary items like IM, download manager from Windows start up, can load your system faster.

Of course advanced users can do all these without any application, but with Ashampoo Startup Tuner both the users can easily do all these. It will list all auto-start entries and allows them to be individually deleted or to be deactivated.

Ashampoo Startup Tuner 2 comes with some other utilities also. With this tool you can activate or deactivate windows services like remote registry editor, Windows error notification service, etc.

It also lets you uninstall programs that are no longer required so that they can be removed from the computer without ‘leaving behind tracks’ as it were.

Internet Explorer plug-ins (BHO) rapidly cluster in alarmingly large numbers on the user’s computer. Some of them are useful, but others are dangerous. You can individually delete or deactivate if they are no longer needed.

Ashampoo Startup Tuner 2 automatically installs a backup of the changes that have been carried out, which means it is possible to reverse the changes that have been made at any time.

Startup Tuner is a commercial application. Under a promotion now you can get it (Version 2) for free. Just follow this link: http://www.ashamboo.com/frontend/registration/php/trial_step1.php?session_langid=2&edition_id=2880 and follow the instructions. You can download Startup Tuner 2 from here.

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